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Our area has more than its fair share of commercial truck traffic. Between all of the agriculture in our area, the major retail distributors and I-65 and all of the state highways that run through Cullman County, we can hardly get on the highway without encountering a tractor-trailer.

The level of semi traffic in our area would not be of so much concern if those commercial trucks did not pose such a risk to other motorists. The simple reality is that 18-wheelers can weigh 80,000 pounds and when they hit other vehicles they cause catastrophic injuries and death.

Experience Conducting Thorough Investigations

Building a strong case after a trucking accident requires certain skills and experience that not all attorneys have. Certain evidence needs to be preserved. Your attorney needs to move quickly and needs know what to look for. Trucking accident cases require a tremendous amount of investigation and R. Champ Crocker, Attorney has that experience.

Local Representation That Can Handle The Most Complex Cases

R. Champ Crocker, Attorney brings more than a dozen years of experience to the aid of their clients who have been injured in a trucking accident. Their knowledge on how to conduct the complex investigations that trucking accident cases are built on allows them to offer their help to not only accident victims, but also to other attorneys who may be looking to refer a case. R. Champ Crocker, Attorney's ability to successfully prosecute trucking accident cases has helped their clients recover the compensation they need. Let them put that skill and experience to work for you.

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Suffering a serious injury in a car accident with an 18-wheeler can leave your future uncertain. Secure the representation of an attorney who can help you get the tools to put your life back together. To schedule a free initial consultation with Cullman truck accident Lawyers R. Champ Crocker, Attorney, call 256-615-1672, toll free at 800-889-0951 or contact their office online.